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Insights subscription 
  • Submit research questions as they come to you.

  • Meet with a UX Researcher to scope a monthly study.

  • Rex conducts one end-to-end qualitative UX study per month which includes scoping, participant recruitment, conducting research and insights report. 

  • Insights reports are punchy, short and feature targeted recommendations. 

  • After the scoping session the insights will be delivered in approximately 5 business days.

  • From $US4500/month

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UXR team subscription 
  • Subscribe to a UX research individual or team

  • capacity starts at 50% up to teams of multiple members

  • UX researchers can complete all types of UX research and contribute to other team activiteis such as product strategy and prioritisation.   

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Want something bespoke? let rex design a project that works for you.

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