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Continuous discovery done for you 

UX Research subscriptions

Working with Ruby was an absolute delight! Her expertise and practicality drove a rigorous and impactful process, while her flexibility really ensured the end product was fit-for-purpose. You won't regret working with her!

Alex Oo

Manager, public policy consultant

Team REX helped us solve a pointy user research problem in record time, and is an absolute breeze to work with. You know that someone really knows their craft when they make everything simple and knock out awesome results seemingly effortlessly. Doing user and market research is hard. Knowing what questions to ask, and how to ask them is an art and science - and finding good folks to discover with is even harder! Thanks Ruby & team. Awesome job.

Anthony Howe

Commercial Director

Overall, my experience with Ruby was exceptionally positive. Her combination of expertise, efficiency, and personable approach makes her an invaluable asset to any project. I am eagerly looking forward to future collaborations and would highly recommend her services to anyone seeking a proficient and reliable UX research professional.

Puah Jing Wen

Senior Business Development Advisor


Clients love Rex

Insights every month

End to end research to solve your top unknowns

Lightning fast delivery

From scoping to insights in as little as 5 business days

Fixed monthly cost

No scope creep, no surprises

The UX Research solution you've been looking for

Share your research questions as you think of them. 
Meet with our experts once per month to scope your research study. 
Sit back,  and receive insights to answer your most pressing questions.

"What stood out most was Ruby's ability to handle a super tight turnaround without compromising on quality."

Qualitative UX Research on tap

UX Research subscription

  • Submit research questions as they come to you.
  • Meet with a UX Researcher to scope a monthly study.
  • Rex conducts one end-to-end qualitative UX study per month which includes scoping, participant recruitment, conducting research and insights report. 
  • Insights reports are punchy, short and feature targeted recommendations. 
  • After the scoping session the insights will be delivered in approximately 5 business days.
  • From $US4500/month
  • Generally you will receive your insights report within 2 days of completing the qualitative research sessions.

  • Top class UX Researchers take care of every project.

  • Yes! We love teaching research skills. While this isn’t covered in the standard subscription we are happy to come in house for training.

  • We work with you to confirm your participant profile. We will then take care of recruitment to find those ideal participants.

  • In general we will conduct studies with 6 participants per month. This means research is suited to more tactical research topics in a single population. However, we can scope a plan with the right number of participants to meet your needs. 

  • We can do any kind of research but some kinds require more participants to answer your research objective. We can chat to find a subscription or other solution to meet any research brief.

  • Feel free to subscribe for just a month to get your research completed. If you prefer something else just send us an email and we can chat.

  • We think you’ll love us enough to stay for a while! But yes, you can cancel at any time.

  • Our work is of the highest standard. Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds.


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